Apple appeals in Epic Games case and payment alternatives are delayed

Apple appeals in Epic Games case and payment alternatives are delayed

Apple has a major lawsuit, initiated by Epic Games, in which the goal was to force the American manufacturer to open more its operating system for mobile devices. The basic idea was to accuse Apple of monopoly and prevent other app stores to enter the iOS.

The first "fight" ended and was favorable to Apple, rejecting all the charges mentioned above, however there was one area where Apple lost and a lot: in payment options. Apple is forced to allow other payment methods other than Apple's own, which will involve a lot of money, since the company charges 30% of transactions, which means a large income that Apple will lose. But this change will be delayed for some time.

As Epic Games has already appealed the decision, as would be normal, Apple, despite considering that it had a victory in the process, also decided to appeal and this has a direct consequence in this process, the suspension of the previous decision, which means that Apple's obligation to allow other payment methods, is also suspended.

Apple appeals in Epic Games case and payment alternatives are delayed

It is true that Apple has already announced some changes in this direction, For example, now the company already allows developers to send emails to their iOS customers that can suggest other means of payment, something that was totally forbidden. However, the truth is that if it is possible to add other means of payment in the application itself, giving the consumer the option to use other means instead of the App Store, it will certainly be more profitable for developers and , obviously, worse for Apple and this is what Apple wants to postpone.

According to the ruling in court, Apple had until December to make this change, but with this appeal, which the court will have to decide during the month of November, if accepted it will allow to suspend this decision and may postpone, for quite some time, the obligation of Apple to allow other methods.

For now, Apple will already make a policy change of its payments, allowing developers to direct their customers to services outside the App Store, however, according to these new rules of Apple, only subscription-related applications such as magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music and video will be able to enjoy this "offer", while the court decision had required that all applications could enjoy this new change.

As you might expect, this lawsuit still has a lot of "upside" and will still take a long time before a decision that is considered final. But, who loses from all this are consumers... and Epic Games.

Source: The Verge