Battlefield 2042: you can now download the beta

Battlefield 2042: you can now download the beta

The next game in the Battlefield series is already on the prowl to the great relief of fans and the community. In fact, for those who have already had a chance to reserve it, you have access to the game starting today. However, the remaining players who choose to wait will have to wait to get access starting tomorrow. Starting today, you can already download it early so that once the beta is released, you won't have to wait for lengthy download times to do so.

Battlefield 2042 promises to be a revolutionary title in the first-person shooter genre introducing, for the first time in the series, more than 64 players in a match - more precisely, 128 players on the new-gen consoles and PC - as revealed by DICE in the official media of the producer. From this beta we can get an idea of how the version closer to what will be the release of the game looks like, after having been published images - somewhat stripped down - of a more elementary stage a few months ago.

Recall that the game was announced even before E3 2021 and it was at that moment that DICE - studio responsible for the title and franchise - impressed and won over the millions of Battlefield fans and even those of first-person shooters as one of the biggest revelations of the year in the field of war games, this one located in the near future.

Battlefield 2042 is Electronic Arts' latest instalment, a game set in the near future, in a world that is on the brink of collapse - where food, energy and clean water are in short supply - leading to dozens of bankrupt nations giving rise to one of the biggest refugee crises in human history. This time, and to the surprise of countless players, the pseudo-futuristic title will not include a campaign mode, being entirely online interaction.

For those who ordered the game on PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, know that since 8am Continental Portugal on October 6. However, if you chose to wait for the launch, from October 8 at the same time (Continental Portugal) you can access the beta open to the entire community. Finally, the beta ends on October 10 at 8am. We talk about 48 hours of early access to the game so you can enjoy the experience of BF 2042.

Battlefield 2042: you can now download the beta

The size of the beta differs from device to device. Content is more compact on the Xbox One - which takes up 9.34 GB - which contrasts with the large amount of space occupied on the PlayStation 4, which is around 20.73 GB. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S take up 16.51 GB and 17.23 GB respectively, which puts them at a similar plateau in occupied space.

Battlefield 2042 has a release date scheduled for November 19, 2021 - remember that this is already a date resulting from a first date that pointed to October 22, 2021 - and has a cost of 59.99€ on PC and for PS4, Xbox One costs 69.99€, however, for the next generation of consoles, i.e., for PS5 and Xbox Series X we now have a price of 79.99€ (or 71.99€ if purchased with EA Play, on PlayStation and Xbox).