Boston Dynamics Spot will be responsible for dangerous tasks

Boston Dynamics Spot will be responsible for dangerous tasks

Boston Dynamics, the company that has accustomed us to its incredible robots, has just released a new version of the famous Spot. The Spot Release 3.0, the name given to this version, has more capacity to make inspections and collect data without the need for human intervention.

The robot has the ability to perform tasks that are considered to be dangerous, protecting human employees who no longer have to do these types of functions.

One of Spot's key features is "autowalk," a system that allows the robot to record and repeat paths. An operator leads the robot along the path, using the remote controller interface, and the little Spot will memorize it and can repeat it when asked to do so. Autowalk can be used for inspection situations at industrial sites, mines, factories and construction sites. The little robot will be able to go around obstacles.

Boston Dynamics Spot will be responsible for dangerous tasks

The company responsible for creating Spot says that this new update ensures "flexible autonomy and repeatable data capture, making Spot the ideal data collection solution to make surveys safer and more efficient".

Boston Dynamics has also improved Spot's data collection and processing capabilities, including the ability to take images from the same angle during autowalk cycles and process them through deep learning models, directly on the device or even in the cloud, as compatibility with cloud services from Amazon, IBM and even Microsoft has been improved.

The new version of Spot was developed in order to be able to adapt to different types of terrain as well as places with a greater slope. It also manages to have a reasonable autonomy for its size, not being constantly dependent on human intervention.

Currently the Spot is on the market for sale for around $74500.

Source: The Next Web