Can't access Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger? You're not the only one

Can't access Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger? You're not the only one

Social networks and messaging applications are increasingly important and when we can't access social networks, it seems that it's not internet, right? In this case, it's obviously not true. What happens is simple: Facebook and the other applications of the company are having problems and are offline, as we can see in Downdetector.

But to understand the influence that social networks have, in the same Downdetector we also found that NOS, MEO and Vodafone also have complaints of problems, but most likely the "complaints" happen because Facebook and its associates are offline, which brings us back to the first part of this article, when we say that without social networks it seems that there is no internet.

The first complaints started between 16h30 and 17h of today (Lisbon time), and most of the complaints happened... on Twitter, as usual. The impact was such that Nowo already sent messages to its customers informing that social networks and Facebook applications are offline, such should have been the contacts of customers "complaining" about the lack of internet. But this happens and it's not the first time.

Can't access Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger? You're not the only one

Right now as I'm writing this article, I still can't access Facebook and Instagram, while WhatsApp indicates that the messages I sent in the meantime still haven't been sent (being that at 7pm I tried to make a video call on WhatsApp and I didn't understand why it didn't work). So we can say that Facebook's problems still haven't been solved. But there has already been official comment.

Through the Twitter account, which turns out to be funny, Facebook confirmed that it is already aware that some people are having problems accessing their applications and their products, stating that they are already working to put everything back to normal as soon as possible, apologizing for the inconvenience. However, considering that the problem started at 16h40 and close to 22h (time of publication of this article), the services are still having problems, it seems that they are not being fast as they intended.

Well, but just recently the same thing happened, in March this year, with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp having problems for almost an hour, which also caused immense complaints on the social network Twitter.

For now it is not yet known the problem that affected social networks and Facebook applications, but Reuters reports that there was an error related to the domain name system (DNS), which recalls the widespread failure that happened in March.

This problem has also already affected the company financially, in this case the company's shares, which registered a 5.5% drop in trading, approaching the worst day of the year.

Thus, this problem affects, and greatly, Facebook itself.