Google Meet will now have real time translations

Google Meet will now have real time translations

Google Meet's latest beta feature could help make videoconferencing with foreign customers, partners, students and employees easier. The tech giant has begun testing a real-time translated captioning system.

It was created, initially, to support meetings held in English, and can be translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese and German.

Initially, the feature will only be available for meetings hosted by Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus and Teaching & Learning Upgrade users. Users interested in participating will need to request access before the feature becomes available in their meetings. To enable this option, users will need to enable subtitles in Settings and set it to English before switching to Translated Subtitles below. After these steps, users can finally choose one of the translated language options.

Google Meet will now have real time translations

"Translated captions help Google Meet video calls be more inclusive and effective by removing the language barrier when users can't communicate with each other. By helping users listen to a particular piece of content in their preferred language, we're making communication fairer, empowering learning skills, and facilitating information sharing as well as collaboration," Google said in a statement.

For now, users who only have access to the beta version. At first this feature will only be available for video calls that take place in English, and the technological giant has not yet advanced if, in the future, will work with other languages. It was also not disclosed when the tool, which will certainly facilitate communication, will reach the market.

Google has been working on its Meet, and recently launched a new feature that lights up a user when they're dimly lit, so it's easier to see who's on the other end.

Source: Engadget