Google sues Epic Games due to Fortnite

Google sues Epic Games due to Fortnite

The lawsuits involving Epic Games and the two major producers of mobile operating systems seem to have no end. If there has already been a first court decision between Apple and Epic Games, now there are new developments in relation to the lawsuit between Google and the producer of Fortnite.

Recall that both companies, Google and Apple, removed Fortnite from their app stores after Epic Games added a new payment method that "evaded" the two companies and the payment of fees required in the conditions of membership of their respective app stores, and that led Epic Games to initiate lawsuits against both companies.

Google's lawsuit is very clear and not by chance. According to ZDnet, Google accuses Epic Games of breaking the contract between the two companies when a new payment option was added to Android users to not use the Play Store payment system, recalling that, that way, Google would not receive any commission.

Google sues Epic Games due to Fortnite

Now, this decision by Google to initiate the lawsuit certainly does not come by chance. It is that in the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple, which saw its first outcome recently and was not at all favorable to Epic, obliges the Fortnite producer to pay the 30% of the revenue collected by the company between November last year and the date of trial, in addition to 30% of the 12 million it earned between August and October 2020.

Thus, Google sees that it, too, has an opportunity to get its fair share, since just like what happened with Apple, Epic Games also abused in this area, earning extra revenue that did not go through the Play Store, as obliged by the terms and conditions of Google's app store.

Google goes further and claims that it does not force any company to use its app store, noting that there are several app stores that can be used by developers. According to the indictment, "unlike Apple, Google does not require Android users and developers to use the Play Store to download, install or distribute their apps," and it was Epic Games itself that chose the Google store and therefore has to comply with its agreements.

Looking at the previous decision between Apple and Epic Games, Google is also very well positioned to win this case.