Huawei MateView GT: the first Huawei gaming monitor

Huawei MateView GT: the first Huawei gaming monitor

Huawei has announced two new Huawei MateView Series monitors: the Huawei MateView and the Huawei MateView GT. This launch marks the first major moment of the first line of monitors in Huawei's product portfolio, which is also an extension of the qualities of the Huawei Mate Series, which has always accustomed us to cutting-edge technology, great reliability and excellent quality.

Huawei MateView GT is an ultrawide, curved display that supports a 165 Hz refresh rate with an innovative built-in SoundBar. With Huawei MateView GT, Huawei offers its consumers an even more powerful and efficient display, taking the gaming and entertainment experience to a whole new level.

Ultrawide curved monitor for an immersive viewing experience

The Huawei MateView GT is Huawei's first curved display, having been designed to maximize gaming performance and create a more immersive entertainment experience for gamers. Its 34-inch 21:9 curved shape supports a resolution of 3440×1440.

In terms of color performance, Huawei MateView GT increases accuracy in gaming and video editing as it supports a DCI-P3 color gamut. Each monitor is professionally calibrated to have a Delta E value of

Frequent updates to improve graphics capabilities

Huawei argues that frequent updates are necessary for any gaming monitor. With support for a refresh rate of 165 Hz, the Huawei MateView GT further enhances the graphics processing capabilities of the connected device. This not only ensures smoother and clearer image resolution, but also reduces any damage to the user's vision.

When it comes to gaming, the Huawei MateView GT comes with the Dark Field Control feature, which adjusts the brightness of the display in low-light and overexposed scenarios, which can help gamers identify their opponents more quickly. In addition, the display incorporates a Crosshairs feature, designed specifically for FPS games. Even when the playing field is out of range, the Huawei MateView GT will provide players with information to help them aim and shoot easily.

As Huawei's first display designed for gaming and entertainment, Huawei MateView GT offers excellent performance in both these fields and boasts several powerful features, including five-way joystick functionality and the on-screen display (OSD) menu. Huawei's new display is also TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certified, which provides support for DC dimming, effectively reducing glare and blue light, which can be harmful to the eyes.

Huawei MateView GT: the first Huawei gaming monitor

Integrated SoundBar

Huawei MateView GT's innovative SoundBar meticulously combines the speaker and display base into one piece. Whether for gaming or videos, users can immerse themselves in impressive surround sound, all thanks to the two speakers with stereo 2.0 support that can be found embedded in the MateView GT's SoundBar. The RGB touch panel on the SoundBar provides a customizable lighting effect and allows gamers to easily adjust the volume with a light touch. It perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality, creating an enjoyable desktop experience for users.

As for expansion capability, the Huawei MateView GT also offers a wide range of inputs, including a 3.5mm audio adapter for the headphones and microphone, two inputs for HDMI 2.0 video, a DisplayPort 1.4, a USB Type-C for charging, and a Type-C Port. Together, these inputs serve users' expansion needs.