Instagram wants to warn users when there are bugs

Instagram wants to warn users when there are bugs

A week after social networks have had a "blackout" for more than six hours, and after there have been some difficulties in access a little around the world, Instagram announced that is in the testing phase of a new feature that alerts when the platform is with technical problems.

The new alerts are expected to appear in the Activity Feed, along with other notifications. The messages can be used to inform users about specific issues, such as story uploads that aren't working, as well as a more common problem, as was the case with the issues experienced last week. Importantly, Instagram has announced that it doesn't plan to alert users about all issues, just those that raise the most questions.

Instagram officials confess that they understand it's quite frustrating not being able to log into the platform and not having any kind of information, so they want to help users understand what's going on in a clear way.

Instagram wants to warn users when there are bugs

"We won't send a notification every time there's an outage, but when we see that people are confused and looking for answers, we'll determine if something like this can help make things clearer," Instagram recently wrote on its blog.

Instagram announced that, for now, this feature will only be tested in the United States, but at a later stage will reach other countries. "Like any experiment, this may be something we can implement more widely, but we want to start on a smaller scale and learn," says the social network.

Meanwhile, regarding the "blackout" of October 4, Facebook ruled out that it was a cyber attack, and attributed the cause to a computer problem that originated in the company itself. While Facebook's ecosystem was down, Twitter was one of the main beneficiaries.

Source: Engadget