Nintendo Switch Pro could be presented as early as tomorrow

Nintendo Switch Pro could be presented as early as tomorrow

The rumors about a version of Nintendo's latest console are almost a year old, with the pandemic and the problem with processors probably having helped in the postponement of this novelty. However, everything points to happen soon and it could be as soon as tomorrow.

The latest rumors pointed to the likely announcement of the new Nintendo Switch Pro before the main gaming event, E3, which starts on June 12. This is so that game producers could use the event to present their news for Nintendo's new console, so the expectation is that the announcement about the Nintendo Switch Pro is imminent.

Reinforcing the information that the launch would be imminent, also helped a listing of a Nintendo Switch Pro on Amazon, which is one of the world's leading online stores and that, can several times, already "confirmed" information yet to be revealed. But now a new information has emerged, of Leaks Center, which indicates that the presentation of the new console should happen already tomorrow.

The Twitter account stated that it received and verified a screeshot from a major retailer's internal system where it shows that the new Nintendo Switch would go online on June 4 at midnight, which hints that the announcement could happen as early as tomorrow and that pre-sales could start as early as the same day or the next day, varying on the schedule the retailer has.

In terms of specs, rumors have it that the new Nintendo Switch Pro features a 5-nanometer Nvidia Ada Lovelace GPU running on DLSS technology, which is a great development. Along with that, the display is expected to be a 7-inch Samsung OLED, keeping the 1280x780p HD resolution, however, with the stated graphics it will be able to run games in 4K on external hardware.

In terms of price, in the US they have pointed to 399 dollars, a little more expensive than the original as it is predictable, and, also likely, that it will arrive in Europe with a price of 399€.

This new Nintendo console will also arrive at a perfect time, as there are reports that Valve will be attacking this Nintendo-led market segment with a portable console.