Skype embarks on major overhaul

Skype embarks on major overhaul

Skype has been redesigned several times since Microsoft acquired the company 10 years ago. Now the application is about to get a major overhaul in the coming months. Microsoft announced that with the changes, Skype will become "faster, more reliable, perform better and have a more modern design." The company also revealed that most of the upcoming changes were inspired by user feedback.

These changes come in the wake of Skype, in recent times, losing users to Zoom or even Teams.

Due to the fact that group video calls have become increasingly used, much because of the pandemic weather experienced since March last year, the Skype team is revamping calls to make all participants visible during a group video call. Audio-only participants will also appear with their own colored backgrounds on the call, with the default gray background disappearing.

Skype embarks on major overhaul

Skype will continue to offer interesting features such as animated backgrounds, call recordings and live captions. However, for users in areas with poor connectivity, Skype will also continue to offer the ability to disable video streaming in a group call to save internet.

In terms of design, Skype will have some significant changes. It will have new layouts and themes, the user can hide the cameras of other participants, or even your own so that only the person you are communicating with appears.

When everyone appears on the screen, the platform will highlight who is talking, and there will be a new mode, Together, where you can see all users.

The different buttons will now have a gradient option and also Meet Now, the service that allows a user to join a conversation without having an account, will undergo changes.

With these renovations, Skype will try to remain a worthy competitor to Zoom and Teams.

Source: The Verge