Squid Game: Netflix's big hit could become video game

Squid Game: Netflix's big hit could become video game

Squid Game has conquered the world since it was released on Netflix a few weeks ago. Its success is such that, most likely, this is not where you've heard of this South Korean series.

So much so, that it now appears that some in the video game industry have noticed its prominence. And while a video game specifically associated with the Squid Game property is not currently in development, it appears that some developers in the industry are looking to adapt its format for themselves.

According to Tom Henderson, who is often a reliable source of information when it comes to future video games, a Squid Game-style project is currently in the works. Henderson notes that he's not sure which studio might be working on this project, but he says it will clearly be an evolution of the Battle Royale genre. "The future of [Battle Royale] is coming," he said on social media.

Squid Game: Netflix's big hit could become video game

As some were quick to point out in response to Henderson, Fall Guys is a title that already mirrors Squid Game. In short, Fall Guys invites players to compete in several different activities over the course of several events. The player who is left standing at the end of all of these games is then declared the winner.

For those who haven't seen Squid Game, the TV series works in the same way and sees hundreds of players fighting in different games in search of money. However, the big difference is that those who lose in Squid Game are executed, which is much more terrible when compared to Fall Guys. As such, perhaps this new project that is in the works could be more for mature audiences than something like Fall Guys.

Obviously it's also a way to take advantage of the great success that the series is having and thus boost the video game, but we can't forget one very important aspect: Netflix's bet in the gaming world.

Netflix has already started in Poland the first tests in which Netflix subscribers also have access to a set of games, expanding Netflix's offer. If it's true that there are already several competitors, it's not to leave aside a bet from a giant like Netflix, namely when it already has millions of customers. And it has even bought a game producer, so it has already taken the first steps in this direction.

So it's not surprising that Netflix is starting to leverage its big commercial successes to release video games, and it's something that's not uncommon, although it's usually the other way around, i.e. video game hits being released in theaters, like Hitman or Assassins Screed.

We'll see what the future holds.