Twitter improves video quality by removing a feature

Twitter improves video quality by removing a feature

Twitter announced last Tuesday that it is removing a feature from its live streaming tool, but at the same time the company is removing it to improve the quality of its video streaming.

Twitter is a social network and a server for microblogging, which allows users to send and receive personal updates from other contacts (in texts of up to 280 characters, known as "tweets"), through the service's website, by SMS and by specific management software.

Now, a user can't invite people to join a call in an audio broadcast before going live. That same feature was added in March 2020 but now when you go live on a call, your broadcast will only feature you and anyone else who's in the frame, though people can still type into the chat or tap to add a heart to interact with you while you're broadcasting.

While Twitter says the change is intended to improve video quality, it's also important to note that Twitter has another feature for live shared audio, its Clubhouse-like Spaces offering. Spaces seems to have gained more audience than the live video Twitter used to allow, so perhaps the company is thinking it would be redundant to offer both and is focusing on the feature that seems to have more appeal.

The move also follows to improve video quality on the platform: back in September, it was announced that new videos posted on the platform would be less pixelated. While you can't feel a drastic difference yet, you can already see a small improvement Twitter may be making. According to Twitter the improvements will be noticed within the next few weeks.

Source: Twitter