Use voice messages on WhatsApp? There is a great new feature on the way

Use voice messages on WhatsApp? There is a great new feature on the way

WhatsApp is one of the leading messaging apps on the market, being used by both Android and iOS users, with numerous features that have been added over time. But now comes a new option that will surely be to the liking of many.

If you like to send a lot of voice messages on WhatsApp, you'll be happy to know that the company is working on the ability to pause a voice message and continue without the need to record another message.

According to the Wabeteinfo website, this feature is currently in development and is not yet available to Beta users. Still, the blog was able to preview it. In a video, Wabeteinfo shows a new audio interface for WhatsApp, in which you can press PLAY / PAUSE, Start / Stop recording a conversation, how long your message is and the ability to send it. Currently, the only thing you can do is listen to your audio message before sending it.

It's still unclear when this feature will be available to all users, as it's not even available to public beta testers, but it shows that the team behind the ability to send voice messages is putting a lot of effort into it.

Wabeteinfo says that this Global Voice Message Player feature is still under development, so it's not available to the public or even beta testers, who will need to wait a little longer to try this feature.

Recently, WhatsApp started allowing beta testers to try new features with the ability for messages to disappear after some time, different from the single view already available. According to WabeteInfo, the app lets you choose between different durations: 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.

Unfortunately, Whatsapp isn't accepting new beta testers, so there's no point in trying to sign up for Beta to take advantage of this feature once it's available for Testers.