Watch an impressive 14 minutes of gameplay from the new Horizon Forbidden West

Watch an impressive 14 minutes of gameplay from the new Horizon Forbidden West

Just a few weeks before E3, Sony's latest State of Play featured Horizon Forbidden West gameplay on PS5. If you thought Horizon Zero Dawn looked good, you're about to be surprised by what Forbidden West has in the pipeline. Developer Guerrilla Games has been posting teases of the game all day and has revealed some new machines and locations that fans can expect.

The trailer showed a bunch of invaders and various machines chasing Aloy. Eventually, she made her way underwater and swam to a seemingly safe area before a giant mammoth-like mechanical beast called Tremortusk appeared.

Aloy then followed some invaders into camp before the footage gave us a good look at the game's combat. While she tries to save Erend, Aloy fights off a Tremortusk before destroying it by shooting a weak spot under its stomach.

The list of all the machines in Horizon Forbidden West keeps growing, as we've seen in the lead-up to this game's debut and its initial announcement trailer. Gameplay will be similar to Zero Dawn, and it looks like Aloy will finally be able to cross underwater. The gigantic open world is ours to explore, and with the power of the PlayStation 5 it's going to be a lot of fun.

Like most original games, Guerrilla has already revealed that it will support tactile feedback and adaptive triggers in DualSense. These features worked wonders in Astro's Playroom and Returnal, so there are high expectations to see what Horizon Forbidden West can do with them.

Horizon Forbidden West is coming for both PS4 and PS5, so you don't have to worry if you've already managed to buy a PS5. You can still enjoy it on Sony's next-gen console, although it's not yet known how it will perform. While we haven't heard about the release date, it's expected to be released later this year, at least before Christmas.